About Nikkie

As one of the foremost branding photographers and image-based branding strategists in San Diego, Nikkie Achartz has leveraged her background in psychology, marketing, and sales, to help hundreds of entrepreneurs create a visual brand that boosts relationships, referrals, and revenue.

Beyond photography, Nikkie helps clients develop a comprehensive visual marketing and sales strategy that integrates the right mix of psycho-graphic behavioral profiling, impact driven images, and sales model development to build the KNOW ⇨ LIKE ⇨ TRUST ⇨ BUY relationship. She believes sustained profitability is a result of strong brands, strong buying triggers, and a streamlined sales conversion process.

Nikkie is a happily married mother of three that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs develop their visual brand strategy. She's done branding headshot photography for fashion executives, authors, speakers, coaches, and some of the top names in social media. Here’s why they choose her:

As a visual branding strategist, Nikkie's services go way beyond snapping and editing photos. She helps you select the right wardrobe pieces and makeup artist to create a personal brand image that is appropriate for your industry and aligns with your overall brand. Nikkie's education in marketing and psychology enables her to place you in the best possible light by using poses that leverage body language, creative on-location settings, and unconventional photography techniques to create images that will resonate with YOUR ideal clients' psychological demographics.

Nikkie's clients will tell you that her energy, passion, and vibrant personality helps them have fun and relax in front of the camera – even clients who are camera shy! This creates final images that bring your inner beauty to the surface, helping your audience see you as an individual as well as a brand.