Mini Headshot & Model Day - Hera Hub 2018

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Mini-Headshot Package includes:

Storyboard Development – 30 min


  • I would coordinate with you to develop a Secret Pinterest Board for posing and clothing inspiration with links to existing boards for reference. We would schedule a remote video conference to go over the storyboard and shot list.
    Photography styling/clothing guidance for up to 2 outfits/person - 30 min
    This is to ensure that colors and styles of the clothing enhance the eyes and skin, and slim the body, and to ensure that the outfits are in line with the marketing and branding goals of your company. You will be emailed a detailed clothing guide for photography for women after Storyboard is preliminarily approved.


  • You would try on some of the options your are considering and take some cell phone pics and text them over to me for feedback and guidance. This is crucial for ensuring a great selection of images from the shoot.


  • You may opt to add-on an in-home clothing pull for only $99 per person. This is by far the least stressful and time consuming way to pull everything together styling wise for the photography and is advised if the budget allows for it.


  • You may also opt to add-on outfits and corresponding high res files to create a more diverse set of image assets for use in speaking and other planned marketing strategies for $100/outfit-file.


Professional photography makeup with a Snap Savvy Strategies affiliated makeup artist - 60 min

  • For ladies makeup for photography is VERY different than makeup for day-wear and needs to be done right in order to enhance the eyes, smooth the skin and slim the face.


  • Hairstyling is not included as I've found that hair done by someone you are not familiar with results in you not looking like "you" in your images. I recommend seeing your own stylist before the shoot or doing it yourself so that it looks consistent with how you'll show up to face-to-face meetings.

Photography session on location - Hera Hub Carlsbad


  • Natural light on contemporary or clean backgrounds is the best possible scenario in modern branding photography, as direct strobe light on outdated backdrops can have a dated, canned, and generic look to it.

45-60 min of photography - unlimited images taken, with "best of" presented (guaranteed at least 10 proofs to select from per person)


  • Branding photography must be engaging to the target audience and therefore cannot be rushed. I need the genuine you to come through in the images and that takes time...for you to see the back of the camera and to trust me and then relax.

2 high res images (300 ppi @3600 pixels longest side) and matching web res images/poses (100 ppi @1200 pixels longest side)


  • If you opt to add-on outfits then time would be extended by 15-20min per outfit and increased total number of high res images by 1 per additional outfit.


Remote viewing/ordering session to select the images included in the package


  • Meeting together to review and select your images is important so I can help you to narrow down the choices. By doing this together I can offer alternate crops and side by side comparisons which makes the selection of the best of the best images smooth and easy.


Detailed re-finishing of each of the selected images with any additional skin smoothing, nip/tucks, etc


  • Proofs only have standard edits and light skin smoothing, but selected images are fully refinished images and are polished to perfection (well not too perfect...we want them to look real ;-)


Final Ordered Images emailed or Dropboxed to you within 14-21 days of ordering


  • It can take me 45 min each to fully refinish an image and I don't want to rush or things get missed, so I build in time to do the job right.

Investment: $450 (this is nonrefundable but completely reschedulable) *If you agree to be a model for Hera Hub’s environmental images you would be given a $55 discount, so total investment would only be $395

Whew I know that's a lot to take in, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!